Activities in the USA

After the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion in Ukraine, MP Goncharenko started actively appealing to the West to support and arm Ukraine. In March 2022, Goncharenko held online meetings with US congressmen and advocated strengthening sanctions against Russia: during a conversation with 50 US congressmen, he insisted on an embargo on Russian oil and gas. Later, the US imposed a ban on the export of Russian oil.

Oleksii on a zoom call with 50 U.S. Congressmen February 28, 2022

In July 2022, Goncharenko visited Washington, where he held a number of meetings with senators, congressmen, and representatives of the Pentagon and the State Department. Central to Goncharenko’s trip program was the issue of security and providing Ukraine with weapons.

Oleksii meeting with Congressmen in the USA

Goncharenko spoke during the meeting of the Helsinki Commission and raised the topic of Russian genocide on the territory of Ukraine. He told about a girl named Sofia, who lived an ordinary life before the arrival of Russia. Instead, the Russian army took her home, her mother, and the girl also lost her arm. Oleksii told this story to clearly demonstrate all the horrors that are happening in Ukraine.

Oleksii giving speech before the Helsinki Commission of the U.S. Congress

In the end of 2022, Oleksii became a member of the US-Europe coalition on Russia sanctions in the Helsinki Commission, which aim is to syncronize the sanctions policy between the European Union, Ukraine, and the USA.

No Safe Haven — Launching the US-Europe Coalition on Russia Sanctions

In December 2023, Oleksii presented a bill to the US Congress from the Ukrainian-American coalition Wilson-Doggett-Goncharenko in Washington. The document will ban the sale and processing of Russian oil on the American market and was immediately supported by 52 congressmen from both the Democratic and Republican parties.

MP Goncharenko presenting the bill on behalf of Wilson-Doggett-Goncharenko coalition