Oleksii as a speaker

In May 2022, during a visit to London, he raised the issue of creating an international tribunal in a conversation with Foreign Minister Liz Truss. The head of the Foreign Ministry of Great Britain assured that she had already discussed such a possibility with the country’s attorney general.

Oleksii with Foreign Secretary Liz Truss in May 2022

During the NATO summit in Madrid in the summer of 2022, Goncharenko raised security issues in Ukraine and Europe with leading European politicians.

In February 2023, Oleksii visited the Munich Security Conference the topic of which was dedicated to a threat to world security due to the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation to Ukraine, where he had a chance of convincing European high-ranking officials in providing Ukraine with more weaponry and ammunition.

Oleksii asking the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program David Beasley about grain deal during 2023 Munich Security Conference

Russian financial monitoring included Goncharenko in the list of extremists and terrorists in May 2023. 

After the start of the full-scale invasion Oleksii Goncharenko has given various speeches and commentaries regarding the issue of Russian-Ukrainian war via both online and offline presence. Some of these events include: Conservative Environment Network, Coalition for Global Prosperity, Atlantic Council discussion, Energy Security Forum in Poland, Engelsberg seminar in Sweden, Iceland ACONA Conference, the UK Labour Conference etc.

Oleksii giving speeches at various events online and offline in 2022-2023

In December 2023, MP Goncharenko together with his colleagues from the Ukrainian parliament talked about financial and military assistance that is critical for Ukraine and accelerating the supply of ammunition with representatives of the US defense industry during the Forum organized by the International Democracy Union (IDU).

MP Goncharenko at the IDU Forum

In January 2024, he once again traveled to the US to pay visits to the prominent educational institutions of the Ivy League (Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania) as well as Stanford University to give speeches concerning the topic of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Russian imperialism etc.

In February 2024, Oleksii once again visited the annual Munich Security Conference, where he raised important questions of Ukraine’s prospects of NATO membership and the restoration of the nuclear potential of Ukraine.

Oleksii asking Olaf Scholz on Ukrainian NATO Membership during 2024 Munich Security Conference