Goncharenko in media

After the war broke out in Ukraine on 24 February, 2022, the world’s attention was mostly focused on Ukraine so different media outlets started taking various interviews and commentaries from the Ukrainian MPs. 

In one of such interviews during the second week after the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine Oleksii Goncharenko is sharing his experience on joining the territorial defense of Kyiv while holding weapons in his hand.

One of the most crucial topics MP Goncharenko has talked about is how the UK and other European countries help Ukraine and what can be done more about it.

In another commentary Oleksii explains why he believes Vladimir Putin is targeting civilians in Ukraine on purpose, and that the spirit is what motivates him and his countrymen to fight back with everything they have.

Here Goncharenko explores the topic of the beginning of World War III on Fox News.

Russia’s attacks on the port of Odesa caused a lot of concern among the international community. And the mediation of Turkey in the further signed grain deal raised a lot of worry on the future of the world’s food security. So in this interview Oleksii delves deeper on the situation.